Veddw House Garden


The Garden

The gardens at Veddw stand apart from most others in the area. While South Wales has a profusion of Victorian and Edwardian gardens that remain open to the public, there are very few top quality modern ones. Veddw may be the best of the bunch and it’s certainly one of the finest contemporary gardens in the country.

The first thing many visitors notice is the dramatic use of colour. Rather than the classical green foliage familiar from traditional garden designs, the creators of Veddw Gardens use silver and purple foliage to add interest to hedges and borders.

Meadow grasses are used to deepen the contrast between precise hedges any classical topiary garden would be proud of and Veddw’s more casual, wilder side.

A black, reflecting pool faces and reflects a garden of clipped hedges, shaped to echo the undulating hills of the surrounding countryside.

Elsewhere, there is a garden filled with contrasting silver cardoons and purple heuchera, backed by a border of mixed silver and purple shrubs. There are numerous colour themed borders and gardens which also include a creative use of grasses. The owners have a great interest in the local landscape history and have incorporated this interest into the garden design, in particular in a large parterre of ornamental grasses spread across a small hillside within a pattern of box hedges based on the Tithe Map of 1842.

The conservatory is painted black, creating a perfect and unusual backdrop to massed silver succulents. The wild garden, in contrast, contains robust perennials planted in the original ancient grassland. Elsewhere that grassland has been retained in a large area which has been carefully nurtured for 25 years, resulting in a flower rich meadow of the kind older people remember from their childhood.

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The Gardener

Anne Wareham and her husband Charles Hawes moved to this valley in Monmouthshire, about 5 miles north of Chepstow, in 1988.
They were both involved with social work in east London but chose to leave the city and head to the countryside, primarily for Anne to take on the challenge of creating a
new garden on the back of her premature retirement from work.
Charles, while still in social work, is also a garden photographer and actively helps in the garden, but Anne, a blogger and garden writer, is the driving force behind its development.

Anne writes for the Telegraph, The RHS journal The Garden and the Spectator. She has published a book, The Bad Tempered Gardener, and is founder and editor of


Garden Details

Veddw House, The Fedw, Devauden, Monmouthshire NP16 6PH
01291 650836
Contact Person
Anne Wareham
Individual visits, the garden will be open from the first Sunday in June 2014 to the last Sunday of August 2014 (inclusive) every Sunday afternoon from 2-5.
Parties are welcome by appointment in May, June, July and August - minimum price £65.
Garden Size
8,000sq m (2 acres)
Entrance Fee (free map of garden)
Adults £6.50, Children under 14 £1.50 (children under one yard long free)
We are happy for parties of 10 or less to visit by appointment on other days than Sundays, but the fee is then £65 inclusive, whatever the number (ie £65 for one, or two, or three, up to and including ten. Over 10 people £6.50 each)
Groups of 10 or more by appointment, afternoons and evenings during May, June, July, August and September 2014 £6.50 per person. Book by emailing
Brochure Available?
A plan of the garden comes free with entry.
Generous on-site parking available.
Check our site for all details.
Yes we have one toilet.
Many of the benches and outbuildings are contemporary but tasteful, meshing beautifully with the garden around them.
Wheelchair Access
Poor - esp to the loo.
Dogs Allowed
Dogs welcome on a lead, as long as they don’t eat people.
Children Allowed
Accompanied children welcome.
We offer a venue for wonderful photographs.
Plants/Other Sales
Should be plants for sale. Will certainly be books and cards for sale.
Guided Tours
Guided tours by Anne Wareham additional £50
(I don’t like them, most visitors don’t seem to like them..but if you insist…)