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Magnolia Garden Open Days

37 Proctor Road, Poroti, Whangarei


Dates for 2024 to come.
Catherine and David Davies-Colley have again offered to open their magnificent Magnolia Gardens to the public this year to support the I Have a Dream Charitable Trust.
These extensive gardens are beautifully planted with hundreds of magnolia trees all of which will be in full flower at these open weekends. Come along and support the I Have a Dream Charitable Trust and help our year 13 Dreamers get to their trip of a lifetime to Rarotonga in 2023
The Gardener

I Have a Dream is designed to produce positive outcomes for the children involved, their whānau and the communities they live in. By offering the services of a consistent caring adult (a Navigator) for up to 15 years of their schooling life (within our Dream Partner Schools). Our Navigators provide mentoring, tutoring, life coaching and support for our Dreamers. We instil values of higher education, career aspirations and life success, and we ensure every child has the resources, opportunities and networks they need to succeed.

Garden Size

Allow 1 hour for the visit.


  • Price
    Entry Fee: $10 (kids free) Amazing Raffle prizes: $5 per ticket. Tickets on sale at the gate.
  • Parking
    There is parking available on the road outside the property.
  • Wheelchair Access
    Suitable for wheelchairs unless the lawn is damp.
  • Dogs allowed?
    No dogs thank you.
  • Food available?
    Refreshments: $5 (tea/coffee and something to eat)
  • Children allowed?
    Children have fee entry.
  • Toilets?
    Yes, there are outdoor toilets.
  • Seating
    There is an outdoor and inside dinning area.
  • Plants/Sales
    Raffles available.


37 Proctor Road, Poroti, Whangarei