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private garden


282 Penny Road, Hamurana, Rotorua.


Bergamo is a large, established, country garden which over the years has been extended in all directions and some of the original plantings removed as they no longer suited the scale of the garden. There are sweeping lawns bordered by shrubberies and mass plantings. The edible garden is extensive with an orchard, glasshouse, compost windrow, worm farm and fruit cage to complement the vegetable area. Crop rotation is used in the vegetable garden starting with a pen of hens which are moved as part of the rotation. The shade-house is used to raise plants for the garden and also a small number for sale as well as housing pots in their non-flowering season.

There are unusual plants and trees not generally seen in many gardens and the focus is on having a garden for all seasons. The Spring is full of colour with bulbs and Magnolias followed by Azaleas and Rhododendrons set off by many deciduous shrubs. Summer is when the perennial border is at it’s best and the long display of Autumn colour provided by maples is complemented by other beautifully coloured deciduous trees. The leaves have just fallen when the Paper-white and then white Jonquil narcissus hint with their beautiful perfume that Spring is just around the corner. The aim is to be able to walk out into the garden 365 days of the year and pick some flowers.

The soil is acid, volcanic Kaharoa ash with little humus and so dries out easily. Mulching is important along with mass planting of tough plants to cover the soil and make maintaining the garden easier.

Garden Size

Bergamo is a large, established, country garden of about 1.5 ha. The original small garden is 40 years old with some large camellias and deciduous trees.


  • Price
    $5.00 per person.
  • Parking
    Parking at the top of the drive is for cars only. Buses and coaches can pull off the road onto the metal area at the bottom of the drive.
  • Wheelchair Access
    The area around the house and vegetable garden is relatively level and suitable for wheelchair access but there is a sloping area leading to the pond and waterfall and 50 m perennial border. We have 4 WD vehicle which we can use to transport those who are less mobile.
  • Dogs allowed?
    No dogs thanks.
  • Food available?
    If you ring ahead we can often provide morning or afternoon tea for a small charge.
  • Picnics
    We enjoy sharing our garden and you are welcome to bring a picnic and enjoy it in the garden or on our deck.
  • Children allowed?
    Yes but please supervise at all times.
  • Toilets?
    Yes we have toilets available.
  • Plants/Sales
    Yes we do have plants for sale.
  • Guided Tours
    We are happy to give a guided tour of the garden.


282 Penny Road, Hamurana, Rotorua.

The garden is located 7 km off SH 36 – 40 minutes from Tauranga and 20 minutes from Rotorua (Hamurana in some GPS navigation systems). We are 370 m above sea level so it is quite cold in the Winter with some frost and cooler Summers.