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Lounge Garden

private garden

Garden of Memories

5 Borrowdace Ave, Howick


Over the past twenty-five years, Val has designed her garden from a full-size section of old fruit trees that had stopped bearing fruit and huge macrocarpas from the neighbour's property hanging over into Vals property to a peaceful cottage style garden of beautiful colour.

Our garden name comes from the memories I have, with many friends sitting around the small pocket size garden I started out with, all commenting on the peace it gave them, as we mourned the loss of my eldest son Darren.

Several friends bought me roses, gardenias and other plants, which inspired me to further develop the garden I have today.

I also have fond memories from staying in touch with Margaret and Dennis Martin, who I bought my home in 1995.

We visited each other regularly until they moved to Canberra. They loved to see the new development that took place over the years.

We visited Margaret and Denis in Canberra 2018.

The Gardener

Val inherited her passion for gardening from her Mother. As a young child, I would love to sit and chat with my Mum while she was gardening. She would say to me, "You can bury all your sad thoughts in the garden Valerie". Little did I realise, how true that would become.

I lost my eldest son at 32 years of age. It was a difficult and painful time. My garden has been wonderful therapy, and I've spent many hours working to create the garden I now love to share with others.

Val retired at 70 and loves to spend time in the garden with husband Allan Parker. Allan has been an integral part of modernising the home and structural features around the garden.

Garden Size

751 square metres, with flat and easy strolling.


  • Price
    Garden visits are $8 per person.
  • Parking
    Off-street parking for minibus or 3 cars. Plus street parking available
  • Wheelchair Access
    Requires assistance up slight step. My husband is normally here to do this.
  • Dogs allowed?
    No dogs.
  • Food available?
    Devonshire tea $5 per person. Includes fresh homemade scones with jam and cream. Tea or coffee. Val offers high teas for small groups of 10 -15.
  • Picnics
    No picnics, please.
  • Children allowed?
    No children.
  • Toilets?
    Toilet available.
  • Seating
    Seating for 30 people.
  • Guided Tours
    Val is happy to take her visitors around the garden and answer any questions you may have.
  • Weddings

    Yes, we can do wedding photos, please call for a price.


5 Borrowdace Ave, Howick