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Moa Stone Estate

167 Cornes Road Raglan, Waikato 3296


Just out of Raglan, hidden in the hills, you find our lotus & lily water garden and flower farm. Exquisite cut flowers & lush foliage are available to enjoy all year round. We are now open to the public and welcome group bookings, organize flower, wreath & dried flower workshops, have a little artisan shop and transport and catering are available. Our flower farm is a place where you can relax, unwind and recharge in natural surroundings, viewing beautiful Mount Karioi.

Whether you need guest room or table arrangements, want to brighten up your space or have a special event coming up, we can offer you a wide selection of exceptional and long-lasting flowers. We do wholesale for florists and wedding planners. 

There are six water troughs, of which 4 are protected from predators by a large greenhouse. Choosing to grow organically, the lotus & waterlilies soon where joined by frogs and tadpoles.

Fortunately, we inherited a collection of prizewinning orchids. After a lot of work and TLC, the stunning orchids flower during the colder month’s, while the lotus & waterlilies flower in the warmer month’s. A spectacle all year round!

Our block of land has been filled with colorful flowers, brightening up the place and attracting birds, bees and butterflies.

The cut flowers have been received well and many restaurants, hotels & accommodation, shops and florists enjoy working with us and our ever-changing supply.

The Gardener

When we, Josh & Mika, started landscaping our land in 2014, the excavation work revealed a treasure of Moa stones. The extinct native Moa bird had no teeth. It would swallow stones, which would grind its food in the gizzard. Moa gizzard stones have been found on the family farm for generations. Upon receiving confirmation of their authenticity, our company name was born.

Established in 2015, we started our business growing Certified Organic crop through aqua-culture. It taught us to work in close harmony with nature. Over time, we changed our vegetable crops into a wide range of beautiful flowers and let our certificate go. We still practice what we have learned and keep growing our flowers organically, adding our home-made organic fertilizers. 

Often, the spotting of a little frog or sleeping bee in a flower bud is the reward.

Garden Size

Large country garden, 1.5 - 2 hours. Bookings include catering & lotus tea. Bubbles, transport, workshops and tour guide are optional.


We welcome brides-to-be and hen parties and provide wedding planners & florists with a wide range of exquisite flowers and foliage.

Other Facilities

Floral workshops starting in November for groups up to 11 people. Wearable Florals, Simple Bouquet, Wreath Fresh/Dried and Basket Hatbox/Kete. Approximately 3 hours, including catering. Transport and bubbles are available.


  • Price
    Moa Stone Estate takes bookings for a tour on our flower farm for groups up to 11 people. The tour includes food (vegan & gluten-free are optional) and lotus flower tea (sparkling wine is optional). The price per person is $35. A group tour for max. 11 people can be booked from and back to Central Raglan with Raglan Shuttle for an additional price.
  • Parking
    We have off-street parking.
  • Wheelchair Access
    Since we are situated on a hill, it is not wheelchair friendly.
  • Dogs allowed?
    We do not allow dogs as we aim to have a tranquil, natural setting where people can unwind and recharge.
  • Food available?
    We are opening our doors to the public! Come discover, unwind and enjoy. Groups are welcome, transport, catering (also vegan & gluten-free) and sparkling wine are optional.
  • Cafe/Restaurant available?
    Catering must be booked.
  • Children allowed?
    We do not allow children as we aim to have a tranquil, natural setting where people can unwind and recharge.
  • Toilets?
    Yes, we have toilets available.
  • Seating
    We have seating available.
  • Plants/Sales
    Growing a wide range of ever-changing cut flowers, we aim to have a good, trendy selection of flowers available all year round. Affordable, seasonal, and as fresh and local as possible. The building on-side has a little Artisan shop and there is a Reiki practitioner with a little studio that can be booked.
  • Function Center?
    We can include catering, sparkling wine and group transport. Soon we will be able to hire the venue out to, for example, hen parties and yoga groups. We do not have accommodation available yet.
  • Guided Tours
    Moa Stone Estate takes bookings for a tour on our flower farm for groups up to 11 people.


167 Cornes Road Raglan, Waikato 3296