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private garden

Oakhampton Lodge

24 Keetly Place, Ohoka, Kaiapoi 7692


Tall trees, expansive lawns, roses and perennials make the 3 acre garden at Oakhampton Lodge a pleasure to wander through.

In spring the bluebells and euphorbia offer a grand display followed by the many roses and drifts of perennials and hostas through the summer. Weeping willows, hazels and oaks provide shelter and a beautiful backdrop.  This very fertile spot in North Canterbury is a pleasure to garden in with plenty of water to keep it green even in a hot, dry Canterbury summer. 

Oakhampton Lodge offers bed and breakfast accommodation in the heart of Ohoka village, North Canterbury. This green and lush area with its beautiful gardens, pin-oak lined roads, mountain views, and both small and large farms provide the perfect location for those wishing to enjoy a country stay within only 20 minutes of Christchurch and its international airport.

The Gardener

Jackie has planted everything in the garden over the last 28 years while Angus will happily maintain it if there is a machine to use. The perfect combination, they have enjoyed turning a paddock of grass into the established garden you see today. 

Garden Size

Oakhampton Lodge has a 3 acre garden of large trees, lawns, perennials and roses.


Wedding preparation day: Champagne, light lunch, exclusive use of two superbly appointed rooms, downstairs living room and patio, upstairs bathroom and bedroom with balcony overlooking the garden with plenty of locations for photography.


  • Price
    $10 per adult Groups - please contact us for more information
  • Parking
    We have off-street parking for cars, on-street parking for buses.
  • Wheelchair Access
    We are mainly flat and suitable for wheelchairs.
  • Dogs allowed?
    No dogs allowed as we have a dog.
  • Food available?
    By arrangement.
  • Picnics
    There are several garden areas for picnics.
  • Children allowed?
    Must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Toilets?
    Yes, we have toilets available.
  • Seating
    There is seating around the grounds for you to sit and relax.
  • Accommodation
    Oakhampton Lodge offers bed and breakfast accommodation in the heart of Ohoka village, North Canterbury. The perfect place for an overnight stay in the country only 20 minutes from Christchurch and the Airport. Close to several wedding venues, we offer a wedding preparation day as well as accommodation for the wedding couple and guests. Two rooms are available.
  • Plants/Sales
    Perennials are my speciality and I have them for sale.
  • Guided Tours
    A 45-minute tour of the garden in which we share our triumphs and disasters as well as extensive plant knowledge for $25


24 Keetly Place, Ohoka, Kaiapoi 7692