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private garden

Woodside Estate

130-132 Woodside Road, Matangi, Hamilton, Waikato


Woodside Estate is situated only 12 km's from Hamilton Central and 16 km's north of Cambridge (We are 6 minutes from Hamilton Garden and 5 minutes from Waikato University)you will find  Waikato's hidden gem "Woodside Estate"

In 1884 Cambridge was linked to Hamilton by railway. A siding was built down to the springs on the Matangi property so trains could fill up with water from totara well. This excellent quality spring water has been a source for champions ever since. Famous winning racehorses: Senor. Bardall, Piko and Melbourne Cup winner Van der Hum drank and exercised in it. A famous athlete who went on to break a world record enjoyed the benefits of it.

Walking along one side of the lake you pass over 200 metres of Hydrangea's that are truly spectacular when in full bloom.

At the first waterfall, you get an idea of just how much water comes from the various springs around the property.

Following the path through the many tree ferns and other natives you come to the next waterfall. This one is home to the large collection of bromeliads, many variegated Neoregelias, lovely patterned Vriseas and large Tillandsia Usneoides hanging from the trees.

Next to these, you find a small private beach and old rustic boat shed. The rose Dublin Bay when in flower is simply stunning against the rusting corrugated iron on the shed.

Carrying on along another path you come to a large grass embankment overlooking the cafe and restaurant.

All the way around you will pass old buildings, the circa 1900 Raglan Tennis Pavilion, the ponga house (a favourite for wedding photographers) cross over bridges and walk through a tunnel.

The Gardener

Les Cox and Karina Wu are the current owners of Woodside Estate and look after the gardens along with whoever they can get to "volunteer" to help with the big jobs.

Although they have come from finance and accounting backgrounds Les has always been a keen landscaper making several ponds and water features for friends and they are always looking to expand the gardens here. 

Garden Size

The gardens cover over half the Estates 15 acres surrounding a natural spring-fed lake. So allow 1-2 hours for your visit.


Woodside Estate is the most versatile and unique wedding venue in the Waikato. Combine all this with our expert staff including the in house Wedding Coordinator and we will help you create the wedding you have always dreamed of. We can do as much or as little as you want us to.


  • Price
    $15 per person.
  • Parking
    Plenty of onsite parking for buses and cars
  • Wheelchair Access
    The grounds are wheelchair friendly.
  • Food available?
    Food option: canapes, finger food, buffet for groups of over 35 people. Phone for a price.
  • Picnics
    The outdoor verandas provide a spectacular view across the picturesque lake and the surrounding gardens, making it the perfect spot for groups who wish to bring a picnic.
  • Children allowed?
    Only under supervision as there is water.
  • Toilets?
    Yes. along with disabled facilities.
  • Seating
    There is seating around the grounds for you to sit and relax and take in the views.
  • Function Center?
    The Licenced café & restaurant is only operated as a function centre. We can cater for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate functions and other special occasions. The prime spot is just right next to the edge of the lake. The outdoor verandas provide a spectacular view across the picturesque lake and the surrounding gardens, making it the perfect spot to spend a sunny afternoon with friends & family. We can handle small to medium-sized events. The rustic relaxed bar area – Lake House provides a great place for you to enjoy the day.


130-132 Woodside Road, Matangi, Hamilton, Waikato

Only 15 minutes from central Hamilton, 6 minutes from Hamilton Garden and 5 minutes from Waikato University.