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Te Puna Quarry Park

The end of Quarry Road, 14km north of Tauranga.


Wherever you look, there is magic to discover. From ponds, tree ferns, and cymbidium orchids by the thousand, to native tree plantings and an artistic feast of sculptures, Te Puna Quarry Park offers a day out in nature like no other!

A dedicated band of volunteers has transformed a disused quarry into a world-class park waiting for you to explore. The gardens are filled to the brim with particular areas of all varieties, including irises, cacti and succulents, a palm grove, a bonsai corner, a butterfly garden and much more. You can even travel to countries afar with our Australian area and South African area. 

Planting at Te Puna Quarry Park commenced in 1997 with all the work and maintenance being carried out by volunteers. We hope to make this a park of botanical interest by keeping some areas as specialised plant groups.

Ready for a magical day out? Visit us today - we're open all day, every day, with FREE admission!



The Gardener

The Te Puna Quarry Park is maintained entirely by a group of volunteers, and we wouldn’t be here without them. All new projects, developments, maintenance, and general upkeep at the park are thanks to this dedicated team.

Garden Size

The circular track takes about 45 minutes to walk, but if you like exploring you could spend twice as long and still not see it all. We recommend stout footwear be worn.


The Te Puna Quarry Park is a wonderful spot for your special day, with countless backdrops to choose from. Whether you want to wed in a quaint park setting, or surrounded by intriguing art, there is something for everyone - no matter your style or theme.

We’re happy to reserve our building, The Gallery, for weddings or other functions.  Included in the reservation are tables and chairs, the kitchen and other equipment. This is a great venue for indoor/outdoor weddings, as the Dragon Lawn alongside the Gallery is part of your reservation.

For information regarding hiring The Gallery, to get pricing details and a copy of our rules, and then make a booking, please –

Phone Shona on 07 5524423 or 027 4973400 

Email her at shonapurves@gmail.com

Other Facilities

QuarryFest is held in November and April each year and features craft stalls, food stalls, and entertainment in the amphitheatre. This is Quarry Park’s main fundraiser for the year and is a popular family day out. 

The Bethlehem Te Puna Lions Club run these events:  Ian Calvert – 027 4874807 – for general inquiries
Martin Buchanan – 027 4339363 – to reserve a site email: quarryfesttepuna@gmail.com

Carols at the Quarry, A community event held mid-December every year at The Amphitheatre, Te Puna Quarry Park. 

An artistic feast of sculptures awaits those who visit the Park. We have nearly fifty works of outdoor art on permanent display.

Mediums used include Hinuera Stone, pottery, and ponga (tree fern trunk), in sizes ranging from small pottery pieces to man-sized stone sculptures.

We actively promote outdoor art and hold Sculpture Symposiums within the Park.

Come along and see some of the talents that our wonderful local sculptors have to offer.





  • Price
    Our park is run by volunteers and paid for by the generous donations of visitors and supporters. We want to see this park continue to grow and develop into a world-class park, and to do this we need your help. Every donation is greatly appreciated, whether it's big or small. As we are a registered charity, all donations are tax-deductible, and we are able to send a receipt for your donation on request. If you have any plants you would like to donate, please contact Ruth Dainty If you would like to support us, please donate through GiveaLittle.
  • Parking
    Off-street parking for buses coaches and cars.
  • Wheelchair Access
    Only the lower grass lawns are wheelchair accessible at the present time. The Park's bush walks are formed with moderately fit people in mind. Good walking shoes are recommended as tracks may become slippery after rain. The main circular track is a 45-minute walk. Please note - some tracks may be closed for safety reasons.
  • Dogs allowed?
    The Te Puna Quarry Park is a beautiful place to take your precious pooches. Please remember to keep your dogs on leads at all times. This is to protect our birdlife and protect your dogs from the poison that has been laid for pest eradication.
  • Picnics
  • Children allowed?
  • Toilets?
  • Seating
  • Function Center?
    But now the Quarry Amphitheatre is ready and waiting. Please phone Shona on 07 5524423 or 027 4973400 if you are interested in putting on a concert, a function or an event. We’d love to hear from you.
  • Guided Tours
    In the future.


The end of Quarry Road, 14km north of Tauranga.

The park is situated at the end of Quarry Road (length 1 km), which runs off State Highway 2, 14km north of Tauranga.