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Te Puna Quarry Park

The end of Quarry Road, 14km north of Tauranga.


Te Puna Quarry Park is being developed by a dedicated band of volunteers from a disused quarry into a world-class park. This old scar on the hillside has already become a place of special beauty.

From the upper levels, there is a spectacular panoramic view out over the Bay of Plenty. There are ponds, tree ferns, cymbidium orchids by the thousand, native tree plantings and exotics such as vireya rhododendrons - a wild garden of infinite variety. Special garden areas being developed include irises, cacti and succulents, an Australian area, a native Arboretum, a Bonsai corner, a South African area and a Palm Grove.

Featured throughout the Park, are sculptures by local artists. The quarry is now becoming popular as an exhibition area for outdoor art and also for weddings. The walking tracks are easy for the moderately fit. This is a place to enjoy, a place of nature and tranquillity, of stunning views and great art.



The Gardener

A dedicated band of helpers attend work sessions every Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon. They undertake the work of clearing, planting and weed control while enjoying the togetherness of a team project. The morning tea break is time for a rest and a chat and often a few laughs.

Garden Size

The circular track takes about 45 minutes to walk, but if you like exploring you could spend twice as long and still not see it all. We recommend stout footwear be worn.

Other Facilities

Te Puna Quarry Park holds several events through the year, such as the Quarry Fest featuring craft stalls, food stalls, and entertainment in the amphitheatre.

Carols in the Amphitheatre are held in December, and the Quarry Park takes part in the bi-annual Tauranga Garden and Art Fest.

Sun 8 Nov, 10 am - 2 pm  ▪  Te Puna Quarry Park.

Plant Mini-market, Devonshire tea. 

If you want to sell plants, please email us.


19 - 22 Nov  ▪  Garden & Art Festival ▪ Quarry Park

will be one of circa 70 gardens in Tauranga & 

Western BOP that is open to the public.


Tue 24 Nov, 1 pm, AGM in 'the Gallery'

members invited & interested public welcome  

presentation by David Brown ‘sustainable planting’ 

Keep checking the website for details.


  • Price
    Admission is free but donations are welcome.
  • Parking
    Off-street parking for buses coaches and cars.
  • Wheelchair Access
    Only the lower grass lawns are wheelchair accessible at the present time.
  • Dogs allowed?
    On a leash only.
  • Picnics
  • Children allowed?
  • Toilets?
  • Seating
  • Guided Tours
    In the future.
  • Weddings

    People can go to our website to find our booking form, charges and information.


The end of Quarry Road, 14km north of Tauranga.

The park is situated at the end of Quarry Road (length 1 km), which runs off State Highway 2, 14km north of Tauranga.