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private garden

Rosie Lea

855B Ridge Rd, Coatesville, RD3 Albany.


Rosie Lea is a seven-acre lifestyle block that Don and Liz Rosie bought in 2013 as a retirement project. Having been part of a much larger farm for many years, it was a blank slate where they could plan and develop their dream. The land slopes gently to the north, with a view towards the Riverhead Forest and the bush-covered hills of the Coatesville Reserve. Unforgiving clay soil and some winter frosts are a limiting factor, but they have learnt to be selective in their planting choices. Shelter hedges have been established on the boundaries, and gardens around the house and further afield are flourishing.

Rosie Lea is a garden for all seasons with different attractions during the year.

Planting has been mostly shrubs and ground cover, with low maintenance always being kept in mind. Extensive use has been made of Grevillea Bronze Rambler as a tough, undemanding weed suppressant on clay banks. An extensive orchard and vegetable garden are doing well, and a small flock of Arapawa sheep keep the grass down and are fun to watch. The many deciduous trees are beginning to show encouraging growth, and one can only imagine what they will be like in future years. Grandchildren have helped to make quirky little places which they enjoy revisiting. “See what we made!” A lake provides endless entertainment and brings a variety of birdlife in quieter moments. 


The Gardener

Don and Liz have enjoyed doing most of the development and maintenance themselves, and take great pleasure in what they have achieved so far.

Garden Size

A seven-acre block with gardens, orchard, arboretum, lake and some sheep paddocks. Allow 1-1 ½ hrs to explore.


  • Price
    $10 per person.
  • Parking
    A long driveway with lots of off-street parking at the top and turning space for buses. Extra paddock parking in summer if necessary.
  • Wheelchair Access
    Almost flat with easy access everywhere.
  • Dogs allowed?
    No dogs thanks.
  • Food available?
    We can provide morning/afternoon tea with prior notice. There are cafes at Coatesville, Riverhead and Kumeu, and the historic Riverhead Hotel is 5 minutes away.
  • Children allowed?
    No thanks.
  • Toilets?
  • Seating
    Plenty of outdoor seating.


855B Ridge Rd, Coatesville, RD3 Albany.

We are located approximately 10km north of Albany Village and 11km south of Kumeu. Directions are available.