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private garden

Villaleigh Garden and Nursery

4051 Highway 22, Huntly 3772.


Located in the mighty Waikato, the garden is approximately 3 acres and includes the nursery with a great range of perennials and often other plants for sale.   Being in the Waikato we have wet winters and being in a valley we also get our share of frosts, our summers are humid and I have had to build up shelterbelts on the southern and western sides of the property to filter our prevailing winds.  I am constantly on the lookout for new perennials to add to the garden, thus the lawn slowly gets smaller and smaller to make more room.  My garden is not limited to perennials, I use a range of trees, shrubs, grasses, succulents, natives, annuals and herbs in my planting schemes and also have planted a large range of fruit trees.

The Gardener

Gardening has been a hobby of mine for over 20 years.  During my son's treatment for cancer (Rhabdomyosarcoma) in 2014-2016, my garden became a place of peace and retreat for me, a way to cope.  Once we had come through the treatment phase for Patrick's first cancer and our visits to the hospital became spaced apart, I saw the opportunity to create a business doing what I love and Villaleigh Plants was born.  We have a focus on growing great plants to bring to plant fairs/markets and love to share the garden and nursery with visitors through our open days or by booking a visit.

Garden Size

The garden is 3 acres and includes the nursery, so allow 1-2 hours for your visit.

Other Facilities

I would also recommend planning a visit to Nikau Cave & Cafe http://nikaucave.co.nz/cafe (approx 30 mins from here) for a lovely lunch as part of your day out or heading out to Raglan to visit boutique shops and cafes and the beach.


  • Price
    We don't charge an entrance fee.
  • Parking
    We have available parking in the section for vehicles, up to a small bus size. Large buses have in the past parked at the gate to offload and then have waited in the driveway entranceway so they are off the road.
  • Wheelchair Access
    Some areas of the garden are not accessible for wheelchairs due to steps or narrow paths, the front lawn and surrounding garden and the gardens on either side of the driveway can be seen from a wheelchair.
  • Dogs allowed?
    No dogs please.
  • Food available?
    There is an urn that can be available on request for visiting groups.
  • Picnics
    Garden groups coming to visit sometimes bring their morning tea or afternoon tea to enjoy on the verandah. I have an urn so I can supply hot water if required.
  • Children allowed?
    Yes, children are welcome but must be supervised at all times as there is a large pond.
  • Toilets?
    There is a toilet available however it is not a disability toilet - only a standard entrance door, no handrails etc
  • Seating
    We have seating on the verandah for groups.
  • Plants/Sales
    All my plants are grown outdoors so are ready for planting straight into your garden. The main focus of the nursery is perennials but at times I will also be able to offer various other plants. I grow all the perennials and other plants on site from seed, cuttings or division.
  • Guided Tours
    I am happy to talk to the group, share the story behind the garden and nursery, give a propagation demonstration etc.


4051 Highway 22, Huntly 3772.