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private garden

Whitney Garden

8 Whitney St, Blenheim


Whitney was established in 1935. Mark and Vivienne bought the property in 1981 when the garden had needed a makeover. The 1935 owners visited and bought photographs of the original landscape so the renovation could begin. Over the years the garden has lovingly been restored to a  peaceful inviting space in the middle of suburbia. The plantings have allowed flowers and greenery for the house and for Vivienne to arrange flowers in the local church. This as well as fruit and vegetables for the house and for the preserves that are available for sale. The garden space goes from hot and dry to moist and shady and allows for a wide range of exotics and natives to grow happily and add interest to the garden plots. There are a number of plants /trees in pots that can be moved around as they look their best.

The Gardener

While Vivienne does a good part of the maintenance and planting of the garden (and is a dab hand with the chainsaw), Mark lends a hand when necessary but has to be carefully supervised! Our Gardener Stuart has been with us for over 15 years and is an invaluable part of the team. Mark and Vivienne love to spend as much time in the garden as is possible and enjoy the summerhouse with its coverage of the Chinese Wisteria which in Spring is a sight to behold.

Mark and Vivienne's two sons (who now live close by) love to come and spend time in the garden and relish the peace, eat the vege and fruit and generally make themselves ‘at home’ again!

Garden Size

The garden is half an acre, so allow 1-2 hours.

Other Facilities

A photo album of garden pictures and environs since 1935 is available for viewing.  

Structures in the garden include a summer house and summer seat and cottage (toilet available here).


  • Price
    Adults & Seniors $10. Children free
  • Parking
    We have on-street parking for buses coaches and cars.
  • Wheelchair Access
    Please note: wheelchair access is available for most of the garden in dry weather.
  • Dogs allowed?
    Only on a leash, we have cats.
  • Food available?
    We can do morning/afternoon teas by arrangement.
  • Children allowed?
    Children welcome.
  • Toilets?
    Yes we have toilets available.
  • Seating
    We have seating around the garden for you to sit and relax. We have 18 seats in the summer house.
  • Plants/Sales
    We do have plants and homemade preserves for sale.
  • Guided Tours
    We are happy to take visitors around the garden and answer any questions.
  • Weddings

    We are happy to allow wedding photos only.


8 Whitney St, Blenheim

From Blenheim Post Office: Head up Maxwell Rd Whitney Street is the 4th street on the right. No. 8 is almost at the end of the street