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Earthlore Wildlife Garden

129 Hinahina Road, Owaka, The Catlins, NZ 9586


Set on 10 acres in the beautiful Catlins, the Earthlore garden has been evolving since Janine and Gordon arrived there in 2007. In the first couple of years, they planted over 100 fruit and nut trees and set aside an area specifically for natives.

The main focus of the garden is to encourage wildlife, with about 4 acres dedicated to native plantings, (still ongoing), particularly host plants for native butterflies and other invertebrates. The initial plantings are well established and home to many native birds who nest and raise their chicks here.

A large portion of the property is also given over to growing edibles, (there is a food forest) with many heritage fruit trees. They are always looking for less well know edibles for the food forest understory and now have many unusual varieties to interest visitors.

Earthlore isn't currently open to the general public, but there are two tiny houses available on-site that can be hired for holiday accommodation. Guests then have the run of the entire property to explore, where, along with all the birds, you will also find the resident donkeys, Marama and Dolly.

The Gardener

Most of the planting decisions are made by Janine, who has a passion for gardening and a background in horticulture, with Gordon being the very able groundsman on the lawnmower and weed-eater. They are both involved in conservation and are interested in invertebrates and their crucial role in the natural world.

Garden Size

The garden is spread over 10 acres (4 hectares) of gently sloping land.

Other Facilities

There are two tiny houses with their own private gardens available for guest accommodation. These can be booked through the website www.earthlore.co.nz


  • Accommodation
    There are two tiny houses with their own private gardens available for guest accommodation. These can be booked through our website www.earthlore.co.nz
  • Parking
    Yes - off-street parking for approximately 15 cars. Bus parking is available but we will need to be notified in advance.
  • Wheelchair Access
    Wheelchair access to the garden is limited due to the sloping nature of the property and the many grass paths.
  • Dogs allowed?
  • Children allowed?
    The tiny houses are unsuitable for families as they can only accommodate two people in a queen-sized bed.
  • Toilets?
  • Seating
    There are several seats around the garden including picnic tables.
  • Guided Tours
    We are more than happy to give guests a tour of the Earthlore grounds and to give advice on gardening for wildlife. We also run nature tours in the Catlins area, specializing in nature at night, with night-time Bat and Glow-worm Walks.


129 Hinahina Road, Owaka, The Catlins, NZ 9586

Only a few minutes from Owaka township on the road to Jack’s Bay